Collections: Preserved Spider Webs

Genuine Preserved Spider Web

~The yard at dusk glistens with the delicate sparkle of spider's silk. It seems the spiders are as excited for Autumn as I am.~ 

The leaves are beginning to turn and the air is getting crisp, and the Autumn Orb-Weaver spiders have been busy at work spinning their beautiful webs. Every Autumn I'm pleased to offer these genuine preserved spiderwebs framed and ready to add the natural beauty of Fall to your home. The spiders disappear by the first frost, so this is a limited availability seasonal item.

This genuine Orbweaver web has been meticulously collected and preserved under vintage convex glass in a 10" x 13" vintage metal oval frame ready for hanging. The metal has developed a beautiful patina with age.

Each web collected is as unique as the spider that builds it. No spiders are ever harmed to harvest these webs, in fact they're quite pampered.