We're located 20 minutes north of Kansas City, Missouri in a private studio. We don't have a public storefront so call, email, or text to set up an appointment. 

The animals used in the work I sell are sourced from breeders, local farms, and other taxidermists. In other words, the animals I use are not killed for the purpose of creating my pieces. I know the specific history of every animal I work with and am happy to give you more information, get in touch with me here or on social media. 

I do custom pet preservation including small animal taxidermy, cat and dog paw/coat preservation, skull cleaning, and preparing small animals as wet specimens. I do not currently do full cat/dog taxidermy but I can refer you to a taxidermist that does that I highly recommend.

If it's legal to do so then yes. Wildlife/Taxidermy law varies from country to country. If you're an international customer please contact me before making a purchase if you're unsure about your country's laws. International purchases that are made that are deemed illegal to ship will be cancelled and refunded. My wet specimens can never be shipped outside the US.

I do! If you see something you'd like to purchase or are commissioning a custom piece please contact me and I'd be happy to reserve it for you and set up a payment plan. Once all payments are received your item will ship. There are no refunds on items that have been purchased on a payment plan.

Commissioned Taxidermy and pet preservation requires a 50% deposit up front with the remaining balance to be paid either at completion of the project or in installments of your choosing. 

Absolutely! If you'd like to host a public or private workshop at your party/event or location please contact me for details. If you have a specific date in mind please contact me as early as possible to reserve the day.