Taxidermist Simone Smith of Half Embalmed

My tagline these days is "I'll take anything without a heartbeat." I surround myself with death, but I feel that in working with death I am breathing new life into the animals I work with. It's a beautiful, intimate process that I put my whole heart into.

 As a taxidermist I get to know each individual animal very intimately and it forms a bond. Opening up and seeing the insides of the animals I work with is about as intimate as you can get. I see their hearts, their eyes, beautiful markings on the fur that no one else may have ever gotten an up close chance to appreciate. I never let any part go to waste. When not creating full taxidermy mounts I design and create jewelry and hair adornments with paws, wings, bones and any parts I have left. I became a proud working member of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and follow their strict ethical guidelines. No animals are ever harmed or killed to create my pieces.

I began to crave more and expanded my business into preserving museum quality wet specimens, mounting insects, and bone cleaning with dermestid beetles. 
I continue to be inspired every day when I'm working and Half Embalmed will continue to expand and evolve as I do.


Simone is a licensed Taxidermist in the state of Missouri and attended the Missouri Taxidermy Institute. She also attended  Humboldt State University with a certificate in Museum and Gallery Practices. She is a current member of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and the National Taxidermists Association. 


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