The 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show

May 2-June 1 2014: The 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show

Featuring Ave Rose
May 2 – June 1, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, May 2nd, 8-11 PM
Live Taxidermy Demonstration: Saturday, May 3rd, 2-5 PM
Live Artist Talk with Ave Rose: Sunday, May 18th, 2-4 PM

La Luz De Jesus Gallery proudly presents our 3rd Biennial Taxidermy show.
This is not your granddady’s taxidermy: road kill is a central part of the “recycled” philosophy of this unusual and enlightening exhibition, as are discarded livestock, destroyed nuisance animals, casualties of the pet trade and animals that have expired from natural causes. Other sculptures utilize taxidermy techniques in an unorthodox way to fashion fantastic beasts from everyday materials–even the recycled pelts of toy stuffed animals. Elements of technology and decoration combine to create ornaments that approach high art, not only in craft, but in concept.

Materials and even species are mixed, helping to broaden presumptive definitions.
Pieces in this exhibition span Steam Punk to Rococo -from playful to elegant.

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