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The Fly ~ Preserved Fly in Domed Glass Silver Locket Necklace

One night, I lay in bed. As dreams tried to carry me away I kept awake by a buzzing at my window. Too tired to help the matter, I layed there and listened to the buzzing, trying to reimagine it as sheep to count or ocean waves. Eventually I wandered off to sleep and upon waking, the room seemed oddly silent, as if something was missing. In the buzzing's place was a tiny winged creature in a beautiful and horrid death pose. Was this the thing making such a desperate fuss?

This poor little fly was indeed found one morning on my windowsill and has been professionally preserved and posed under a glass domed locket. The silver locket is adorned with decorative etchings of flowers and opens up to hold whatever photo or memento you choose to keep inside. The diameter of the locket is 1 5/16" and the diameter of the domed area is 7/8". The locket is on a silver chain that hangs 9 1/2", or 19" from end to end. Arrives gift boxed.