Real Cemetery Dirt and Bone Glass Ornament From Historic Missouri

Add some creepy history to your tree this year!

This round glass ornament has been delicately filled with earth from an old forgotten cemetery near Kansas City, Missouri. The cemetery is my favorite place to go when I need a moment to myself and I love watching it change with the seasons. It's where I saw my very first fireflies one July as they danced above the graves at dusk like spirits awakening from sleep. Every Winter the cemetery is blanketed with snow, and every Spring flowers bloom near the headstones attracting butterflies and birds. Cemeteries are one of the most lively places if you look close enough.

Along with the earth, leaves, and roots is a rodent bone I've cleaned and processed. Turning and gently shaking the ornament reveals interesting little pieces of nature.

The ornament is made of glass and is a 3" disc that is 1 1/2" thick. It's topped with a metal cap and hangs from a black ribbon that can easily be adjusted to the desired length.

~Dirt was respectfully collected and no graves were disturbed. Cemetery residents remain in high spirits.~

***50% of the profits from the cemetery dirt series will be donated to Historic Kansas City, an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the area’s heritage, neighborhoods and historic built environment.
Historic Kansas City's mission is to demonstrate the economic and cultural value of preserving the built environment, to preserve endangered buildings of historical, cultural or architectural significance, to promote the continued use of older buildings through conservation, restoration or adaptive reuse in a manner that maintains the integrity of the building’s design and materials, to encourage stabilization and conservation of older neighborhoods, to educate the public about the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Kansas City’s built environment, and to provide opportunities for the public to be actively involved in historic preservation.***